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I would really love to hear from you! Your contributions, comments, critic and overall thoughts on my composition would be highly appreciated! Thank you for stopping by once again.

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Sheryl Fisher
Araxis 3 Productions P.O. Box 31324,
Baltimore, MD 21216


My Music is composed of  the violin, cello, guitar & a number of other instruments. Araxis 3 Productions has produced 2 cds, (Past Echoes and Angels in the Myst) which are classical compositions.

Angels in the Myst

This is a production of my classical compositions.

Past Echoes,

This is a miracle production after many obstacles among which a partially paralyzed vocal cord and lung condition.


How Many Productions Have You Released

Over the course of time, I have produced two CDs (Angels in the Myst and Past Echoes)

Who is the Founder Of Araxis 3 Productions

Araxis 3 Productions was founded by Sheryl Fisher

What Instruments can you play?

My Music is composed of the violin, cello, guitar & a number of other instruments.